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Test and Measurement

The DXS series dielectrimeters easily carry out hipot insulation tests according to the VDE, UL, CSA standards and to the main EN European standards involved in the LOW VOLTAGE DIRECTIVE (LVD).

The DXS is a combination of a dielectric strength tester and a megohmmeter.

Together with the FMG rack, the DXS performs also leakage current measurement under nominal voltage, and power measurement, for single phase equipment as well as three phases equipment.

Key Features:

  • Dielectric strength tester from 0 to 5 kVAC and 0 to 6 kVDC (DXS56, DXS506 models)
  • Insulation resistance from 50 kΩ up to 200 GΩ (2 TΩ option)
  • 8 test step sequences
  • 50 parameter sets storage
  • Built in RS232C interface
  • ETHERNET, PLC or IEEE4882 interfaces on option
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