EA ELR-10000 Series

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EA ELR-10000 Series

Available in conventional and regenerative, DC electronic loads from EA Elektro-Automatik boast high power density and premium features not found on typical loads. Offering input power ratings up to 15kW in 3U or 30kW in 4U chassis with max 2000 VDC. Easily parallel operation for almost 1.92MW of power. Regenerative ELRs reduce heat, noise and HVAC costs. All of EA’s DC power supplies and DC electronic loads feature true Autoranging which automatically offers increased current at lower voltages. EA’s loads come in desktop, tower-style or 19 “rack-mount.

The EL / R series features 5 “TFT touch panel display for intuitive control, setup and programming. The intelligent interface allows you to configure test routines and program the unit quickly without the need for extensive manual review.

DC electronic loads come standard with an arbitrary waveform function generator, swappable digital interface control and built-in test routines for battery test, photovoltaic simulation and MPP tracking, to name a few.

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