Easy-Driver Compact Bipolar Power Supply Series

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Easy-Driver Compact Bipolar Power Supply Series

The EASY-DRIVER series is a new family of current-controlled bipolar power supplies with Ethernet communication.

The series is composed of different models of digital bipolar power supplies differing by their output ratings: ±1 A@±12 V, ±2 A@±20 V,±5 A@±20 V and ±10 A@±20 V bipolar units are commercially available.

The digital current control loop makes the connection and configuration of the power supply to any load quick and simple.

Despite being the perfect replacement for the SY2064 system modules, the EASY-DRIVER is a perfect solution also for stand-alone and laboratory equipment.

The current control loop, as for most of CAEN ELS power supplies, is digital in order to obtain the maximum flexibility and easiness of configuration to any connected load.
The EASY-DRIVER models present the best performance-to-price ratio, having excellent characteristics while keeping the price at low values.

Low noise and high bandwidth are only two of the main features of these power units, based on a multi-DSP architecture.
Internal protections – e.g. over-voltage, over-temperature and others – are implemented as well as an external interlock signal is present. The circuitry to discharge inductive loads is also embedded.

The EASY-DRIVER unit also has a local display in order to locally monitor the output current and output voltage of the unit. LED indicators summarize the status of the power supply in real-time.

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