ENS2 Accessory for the Backfeeding of Electronic Loads

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ENS2 Accessory for the Backfeeding of Electronic Loads

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According to European standards or provisions of local electric supply companies it can be required to install an automatic isolation unit (AIU, former name: ENS) when operating energy recovering devices, such as solar panels or electronic loads with backfeeding.

The EA-ENS2 is an optional accessory for the backfeeding electronic loads of series ELR 9000 Installing such a device is usually required only when running the electronic load in so-called isolated operation, where the recovered energy is higher than that consumed. The ENS2 supervises the energy recovery regarding AC grid voltage, frequency and phase angle and automatically cuts the backfeeding device from the grid in case the supervised parameters are not met. For normal operation with a balanced energy consumption, i.e. consumed energy is equal or bigger than the recovered energy, such an automatic isolation unit can be omitted. The AIU always supervises all three phases of a three-phase supply.

Key Features

  • Retrofittable, simple installation
  • 3U module for installation in 19“ cabinets or racks
  • With or without included contactors
  • According to German standard VDE AR 4105
  • Also according to Italian standard CEI 0-21
Model Grid voltage Installed contactors  Grid frequency Grid phases
EA-ENS2 230В AC(L-n) or 400В AC (L-l) 50Hz 3
EA-ENS2 10.5 kW 230В AC(L-n) or 400В AC (L-l) 2(16A) 50Hz 3
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