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Electric Vehicle Testing System (EVTS) Test and Measurement

Arbin’s EVTS series is designed for testing high power battery packs and battery modules. Today’s applications like electric vehicles and military technologies demand high-reliability and safe testing environments, so the dependability, accuracy, and safety of these systems are core standards. The regenerative power circuitry within the system allows power to be sent back to the grid, providing a more economical testing solution. A full range of customizable options allow users to create a complete testing package that ideally suits their needs.

EVTS Key Features:

  • Designed for battery packs and battery modules up to 800V or 250kW.
  • Smart Communication Protocols (CAN-Bus / SMBus).
  • High Speed Drive Cycle Simulation Control.
  • Temperature Chamber Integration.
  • Real-Time Test Monitoring and On-the-Fly Modifications.

EVTS Product Description:

  • Arbin’s latest regenerative power board circuit design allows for testing of batteries, packs, and modules up to 600V and 250kW in a single chassis.
  • With a 10mS rise time, Arbin’s EVTS allows for precise testing while simulating real-life drive cycles on your battery pack.
  • With a dedicated microcontroller per channel, the test station can handle 100mS per point during simulation control with data logging as fast as 100mS to precisely record how the device is reacting to the test protocol.
  • Regenerative Power Efficiency: >=90%
  • Multiple Current Ranges and Dual Voltage Ranges can be provided for greater flexibility and accuracy when testing low and high power battery packs with a single test station
  • 0.1% Full Scale Accuracy and 16 Bit Resolution for accurate and detailed result analysis
  • Uninterruptible Power Supply provided within the test station for a controlled start-up and shut-down sequence during normal operation. This UPS ensures that no damage will be incurred to the machine in case of power outages.
  • Arbin can provide an optional auxiliary chassis to house separate auxiliary channels. This provides additional data collection and safety monitoring for Secondary Voltage Measurements, Temperature Measurements, and Digital Input/Output, and Temperature Chamber Control.

Advanced Simulation Capabilities:

EVTS is capable of advanced charge and discharge regimes using a library of unique control types. One of the most popular features of the EVTS is the simulation control type which allows the system to charge or discharge the pack in the lab using a dynamic drive profile. Simulation control allows users to easily program advanced test profiles such as Federal Urban Drive Schedule (FUDS) or Dynamic Stress Tests (DST) without writing complex test protocols/schedules.

Model Max Current Max Output Power Voltage Range Number of Test Channels
200V-100A 100A 120kW 20 to 200V 6
200V-200A 200A 120kW 20 to 200V 3
200V-300A 300A 120kW 20 to 200V 2
200V-600A 600A 120kW 20 to 200V 1
Model Max Current Max Output Power Voltage Range Number of Test Channels
300V-100A 100A 120kW 25V to 300V 4
300V-200A 200A 240kW 25V to 300V 4
300V-200A 200A 120kW 25V to 300V 2
300V-400A 400A 120kW 25V to 300V 1
 300V-400A 600A 240kW 25V to 300V 2
 300V-800A 800A 240kW 25V to 300V 1
Model Max Current Max Output Power Voltage Range Number of Test Channels
400V-300A 100A 120kW 30V to 400V 1
200A 240kW 30V to 400V 2
400V-600A 200A 240kW 30V to 400V 1
Model Max Current Max Output Power Voltage Range Number of Test Channels
500V-250A 250A 125kW 35V to 500V 1
500V-250A 250A 250kW 35V to 500V 2
500V-500A 500A 250kW 35V to 500V 1
Model Max Current Max Output Power Voltage Range Number of Test Channels
600V-150A 150A 180kW 40V to 600V 2
600V-300A 300A 180kW 40V to 600V 1
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