Arbin Instruments FBTS Flow Battery Tester

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Arbin Instruments FBTS Flow Battery Test and Measurement

Each Arbin Instruments FBTS flow battery tester unit has programmable electronic modules for charge/discharge control, and options for mass flow control, temperature measurement and/or control, pressure monitoring, plus a host of safety features.

Additionally, the design engineers at Arbin are able to customize your FBTS flow battery tester unit to control or interact with a variety of external hardware.

With products ranging from small-scale research testing up to high-powered industrial applications, Arbin’s engineers will work with customers to identify the ideal system specifications for every application. Clients in many of the world’s top research and industrial organizations have recognized Arbin’s FBTS as the system capable of meeting the challenges of any flow battery application.

Arbin Instruments FBTS Key Features:

  • Integrated control of the complete Flow Battery Testing System.
  • Compatible with third party hardware.
  • Potentiostatic/galvanostatic functionality.
  • Modular plug & play design.
  • Automatic device simulation.
Research Applications Industrial Applications
Voltage Ragne Below 25V Up to 800V
Current Ranges As low as 150μ Up to 4000A
Currenge & Voltage Accuracy Linear: 0.02% of Full Scale Range Linear: 0.05% of Full Scale Range

Regenerative: 0.1% of Full Scale Range

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