FC200 Series Voltage Converters – Adaptive Power Systems

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Frequency Converter/Voltage Converter

The FC200 Series frequency converters and voltage converters are easy to use instruments which provide reliable frequency conversion and voltage conversion. The frequency can be adjusted to 400 Hertz for applications such as the testing of military/avionics equipment or for the operation of 400 Hertz electronics that are onboard an aircraft or a military vessel. The adjustable frequency band of 45 to 500 Hertz in conjunction with the dual voltage ranges of 0-150 volts or 0-300 volts provides full capabilities for testing and operating electronics worldwide.

Setup and operation of the FC200 Series is exceptionally easy. The simple front panel layout allows users to continuously vary voltage and frequency or to select preset standard frequency settings. Individual meter displays provide digital readouts for frequency, voltage, current and power or power factor.

The FC200 Series converters are a simple and cost effective solution for all of your lower power AC power conversion needs.

Key Features

  • Programmable Voltage, Dual Range
  • Programmable Frequency
  • Current Limit Protection
  • Simple Front Panel Controls
  • Measurement readout for Frequency, Voltage, Current and Power
    all at once
  • Low Voltage Distortion
  • High Crest Factor and Peak Current Capability
  • Up to 0-300 VAC Direct Coupled Out
  • 45-500 Hz Full Power Bandwidth
  • PLC Interface Option available


AC Test Power

The FC200 Series Power Source is equipped with a powerful microcontroller to create a stable and accurate output frequency, regardless of AC input conditions. It can be programmed to supply a variety of power conditions to the device under test and meters all output parameters.

Frequency Conversion/Voltage Conversion

The FC200 Series is an excellent source of stable AC voltage over a frequency range of 45 to 500 Hz. The output frequency is quartz-crystal stabilized. Output voltages up to 300 VAC are provided.

Export/Import Product Development and test

With the ability to provide any single phase voltage and frequency combination found around the world, the FC200 Series is a great choice for evaluating AC power input supplies for worldwide use.

Avionics Power

Whenever 400Hz, 115Vac single phase is required to power up shipboard or airborne equipment, the FC200 can do the job. With up to 8.4 A of current available, most single phase input equipment can be powered up for repair or test purposes.

Model Rated Power
Output Form Output
Voltage Max
FC205 500VA  1Ø 150/300 2,1A 45-500Hz  2U
FC210 1000VA  1Ø 150/300 4,2A 45-500Hz  2U
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