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PSMComm2 Frequency Response Analysis Software

The N4L PSM1700, PSM1735 and PSM3750 frequency response analyzers provide an accurate and repeatable measurement instrument, PSMComm allows the engineer to record and analyse the data in a convenient and clean manner.

Software    Size Programming language Functions
PSMComm2 <1Mb C++ win32 API Graphing, export to excel, FRA, LCR, Piezo

SFRAComm Sweep Frequency Response Analysis Software (IEC60076-18)

Sweep Frequency Response Analysis has been made simpler with the N4L SFRA45 SFRAComm software package, the design philosophy behind the SFRA45 program was to facilitate simple, quick, accurate and reliable measurements. SFRAComm allows the user to either control the SFRA45 frequency response analyser directly in the field or import saved sweeps from a USB memory stick. This provides the flexibility required by field personnel along with a simple to use interface. The “auto diagnose” interface provides the user with rapid automatic fault diagnosis with a traffic light system indicating current transformer health.

Software Size Programming language Functions
SFRAComm <1Mb C++ win32 API Multiple plot comparison, auto fault diagnosis (DLT – 911/2004), database functions
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