GAG-809/810 Low Frequency Signal Generator

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GAG-809/810 Low Frequency Signal Generator

Test and Measurement

The GAG-809/810 low frequency signal generator.

Both the GW Instek GAG-809 and GAG-810 provide a convenient solution for low frequency (< 1MHz) signal generation, specifically for audio bandwidth.

Intuitive and simple panel interface provides quick frequency and amplitude adjustment, with dial/key shortcuts to different ranges. Square wave generation covers digital application in addition to the traditional analogue using sine waves.

Distortion is kept at minimum level, especially at the audible frequency range: 0.02% or less distortion factor for 500Hz~20kHz. The external synchronization signal input helps collaborate with other measurement devices.

Key Features:

  • Frequency from 10Hz ~ 1MHz
  • 0.02% Low Sine Wave Distortion (GAG-810 Only)
  • 6 Steps Output Attenuator
  • EXT SYNC Function
  • GAG-809 1MHz Audion Generator
  • GAG-810 1MHz Audion Generator with 0.02% Low Sine Wave Distortion
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