GE-AC Model Grid Emulators

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GE-AC Model Grid Emulators

Cinergia Grid Emulators/Grid Simulators

CINERGIA’s grid emulators/grid simulators are AC programmable power supplies specially designed to create AC grids and emulate its disturbances. Test profiles can be automatically executed by creating a CSV file.

Thanks to its bidirectional power hardware, the test energy can be regenerated to the electrical grid. This feature is needed to test Distributed Energy Resources (DER) or generators, where the Equipment Under Test can generate, consume or store energy.

Cinergia Grid Emulators Key Features:

  • 7.5 kVA – 200 kVA
  • 4 Quadrant Power Supply
  • Regenerative up to 100% rated power
  • AC Output: 0-480 Vrms, l-l
  • 0-277 Vrms, l-n
  • 0-230Arms
  • 10-400Hz

Independent configuration per phase:

  • Voltage, frequency and phase angle
  • Harmonics up to 780Hz

Disturbance configuration:

  • Interruptions and voltage dips, Flicker, Over and Under voltage, Frequency Fluctuation
  • AC&DC version available
Model Rated Power (kVA) Rated Current
AC rms/phase

Rated Current 
AC rms/parallel
GE7.5 AC&DC 7.5 10A 30A 770 x450x1100
GE10 AC&DC 10 15A 45A 770x450x1100
GE15 AC&DC 15 20A 60A 770x450x1100
GE20 AC&DC 20 25A 75A 770x450x1100
GE30 AC&DC 30 40A 120A 770x450x1100
GE40 AC&DC 40 50A 150A 770x450x1100
GE50 AC&DC 50 65A 195A 770x450x1100
GE60 AC&DC 60 80A 240A 770x450x1100
GE80 AC&DC 80 105A 315A 880x590x1320
GE100 AC&DC 100 130A 390A 880x590x1320
GE120 AC&DC 120 155A 465A 880x590x1320
GE160 AC&DC 160 185A 555A 850x900x2000
GE200 AC&DC 200 230A 690A 850x900x2000
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