GPR-M Series – Linear DC Power Supplies

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GPR-M Series – Linear DC Power Supplies

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The GPR-M Series are single output, 180W, linear DC power supplies, featuring all the same functions as the GPR-H Series but for lower power demands. Like the GPR-H Series, the GPR-M Series are suitable for high-end precision bench top applications. Low load and line regulation for both constant voltage and constant current mode ensure reliable, predictable output. Overload and reverse polarity protection as well as internal selection for dynamic or constant load are standard.

Key Features

  • 0.01% High Regulation
  • Constant Voltage and Constant Current Operation
  • Internal Select for Continuous or Dynamic Load
  • Low Ripple and Noise
  • Overload and Reverse Polarity Protection
  • 3 1/2 Digit 0.5″ LED Display
Model Power (W) Output Voltage(V) Output Current (A)
 GPR-1810HD 180W 0 ~ 18 0 ~ 10
 GPR-3060D 180W 0 ~ 30 0 ~ 6
 GPR-6030D 180W 0 ~ 60 0 ~ 3
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