GSP-810 Spectrum Analyser

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GSP-810 Spectrum Analyser

GW Instek 1GHz Spectrum Analyser

The GW Instek GSP-810 Spectrum Analyser is a digitally synthesised, easy-to-use RF measurement instrument with a frequency range up to 1GHz. It uses a state-of-art design with a phased-locked RF system that combines measurement quality and performance with an affordable price. The GSP-810 is also designed for rugged use with 1-watt input protection. With a compact size and feature packed functions, the GSP-810 is an affordable, expandable, and high quality instrument for the most demanding needs.

GSP-810 Spectrum Analyser Key Features:

  • Frequency Range: 150kHz ~1GHz
  • Fully Digital Phase Locked Loop Technique Design
  • High Frequency Stability:±10ppm
  • RBW : 3K, 30k, 220k, 4MHz
  • High Input Protection Level : +30dBm,±25VDC
  • Reference Level Range : -30dBm~ +20dBm
  • Two Markers for Absolute and Relative Measurement
  • Support standard RS-232C Interface to connect with PC
  • Options: Tracking Generator, Power Meter, Remote Control Software
Model Frequency Range Resolution Bandwidth
RBW Range 
Resolution Bandwidth
RBW Accuracy 
GSP-810 150kHz ~1GHz 3kHz, 30kHz, 220kHz, 4MHz 15%
SKU: 371
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