HM8115-2 Power Meter

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The Hameg HM8115-2 8kW Power Meter, due to its DC to 1KHz frequency range, can be used not only in classical 50/60Hz but also in 162/3Hz railway and 400Hz aeroplane systems.

HM8115-2 Power Meter Key Features:

  • Wide Measurement Range 1 mW 8 kW
  • Voltage Range 100 mV – 500 V, Current Range 1 mA – 16 A
  • Frequency Range DC 1 kHz
  • Simultaneous Display of Voltage, Current and Power
  • Display of apparent, active and reactive Power
  • Power Factor Display
  • Autoranging for simple operation
  • Monitor Output (BNC) representing the instantaneous Power
  • Suitable for Measurements on Frequency Converters
  • Software for Remote Control and Data Acquisition included
  • Galvanically isolated USB/RS-232 Dual-Interface, Optional IEEE-488 (GPIB)
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