HM8123 (HM8123-X)

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The universal counter HM8123 features three high sensitivity inputs and allows the measurement of signals in the frequency range between DC and 3 GHz. The HM8123 is ideally suited for test installations in production and automated tests in laboratories. It supports either a RS-232, an USB, or an optional GPIB IEEE-488 interface; and thus may be easily integrated into any test system.

Key Features:
  • Measurement range: DC to 3 GHz
  • Input A/B (BNC): DC to 200 MHz
  • Input C (SMA): 100 MHz to 3 GHz
  • Input impedance A/B: 50 Ω or 1 MΩ (switchable), sensitivity 25 mV
  • Input impedance C: 50 Ω, sensitivity 30 mV
  • 10-digit resolution (at 10 s gate time)
  • 9 measurement functions, external GATE and ARMING connectors (BNC)
  • External Ref.-Input (10 MHz) via BNC-connector
  • HM8123: TCXO (temperature stability: ±0.5 x 10-6)
  • HM8123-X: OCXO (temperature stability: ±1.0 x 10-8)
  • RS-232/USB dual interface, IEEE-488 (GPIB) optional
  • Fanless design
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