HMP Series HMP2020 HMP2030 – Programmable Power Supplies – Rohde & Schwarz Hameg

Power Products

Hameg HMP 2020 2 channel and HMP 2030 3 channel programmable high-performance power supply with an operating performance of 188 watt. Output power is displayed in real time and safety shutdown is also available. In the parallel operation mode channels can be bundled to achieve higher currents and the integration power management function also ensures intelligent power distribution over each channel in this operation mode. Also the V/I tracking function is also available in this mode.

Key Features

  • Two series available, HMP2xxx with 188W and HMP4xxx with 384W
  • High resolution (up to 1mV and 0.1mA) for setting and read-back
  • Galvanically isolated, earth-free and short circuit protected output channels
  • High voltages and currents (up to 32V/channel, up to 10A per channel)
  • Low residual ripple due to linear post regulators
  • Sense Inputs for correct voltage at DUT
  • Advanced parallel- and serial operation via V/I tracking
  • EasyArb function for free definable V/I characteristic
  • FuseLink: individual channel combination of electronic fuses Free adjustable overvoltage protection (OVP) for all outputs
  • All parameters clearly displayed via LCD/glowing buttons
  • Rear connectors for all channels including sense


  • Power supply in engineering Lab‘s
  • Power supply in production environment
  • Simulation of charging processes with arbitrary