iBT-2104P Industrial Battery Tester (Arbin Instruments)

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iBT-2104P Industrial Battery Tester (Arbin Instruments)

Test and Measurement

The iBT-P series consists of specially designed circuit for large volume industrial battery testing. This product is intended to provide economical large-scale battery testing capabilities with high qualities, precision, and reliabilities that require significant batch samples for product qualification.

The product typically ranges from 128 to 256 channels per chassis.

iBT-2104P Industrial Battery Tester Key Features:

  • This series target large volume testing with multiple independent channels. Each channel comes with three current ranges with 16 bit resolution and 0.05% accuracy.
  • A unique mathematic filter is adapted in software to reduce the fluctuation of current or voltage in light of a digitalized control system.
  • Distributed networking: All program download in the micro controller using Ethernet control board: the tester consist of Microcontroller board mainly has the following features, data sampling, and execution into program set. Current, voltage, the timing of any parameters can set to end conditions of each step.
  • The power failure protection to allow test resumes after power failure.
  • Advanced software package, MITS Pro (Multiple Integrated Testing System, professional version), provides flexible scheduling, user-friendly interface, distributed system control & DAQ and easy automatic or manual maintenance and calibration.
  • Safety protection may include but not limited to: over current, over voltage, over temperature, PC failure, communication failure, fire/smoke alarm.
  • Besides hardware protection, there is also software protection that provides first-line, precise, yet flexible limitations for the current, voltage, temperature, capacity and time variables.
  • Software limitations for V, I & T.
  • Modular compact design, plug and play modular system.
  • PWM design features energy reuse energy to charge other cells. Regenerative channel are available for high current application (10A or higher). Up to 85% of discharged power from cell can be reused for charging. In addition to saving of charging power, it also saves energy for air-conditioning.
  • High performance at low cost.
  • Optional custom design tray for engagement is available.
  • For additional safety, as an option, temperature measurement can be provided, which will trigger safety protection.


  • Production line
  • Battery life cycles
  • Quality Control for incoming materials
  • Quality Control for sampling final products
Model Max Current Max Output Power Current Rise Time Voltage Range
Number of channels
iBT2104P 5A 25W 2mS -5V to 5V  256
SKU: 124
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