KLR Series – Current Stabilizers

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KLR Series – Current Stabilizers

Power Products

The KLR Power Supply Series are automatic crossover, 1U high, 2400-watt voltage/current stabilizers with a full rectangular output characteristic within the voltage and current ranges listed in the Models Table.

For each model a multitude of limit models can be configured. Limit models allow the unit to be configured to maximum settings below the rated voltage and/or rated current. When a limit model is established the unit will not accept programming values above the user-defined limits.

The standard KLR Models (no suffix) have built-in GPIB and RS 232 interfaces. The E-Series models (suffix E) have built-in GPIB and LAN interfaces. The LAN interface is an ethernet-based interface that allows multiple-user access via a standard web browser.

The Rapid Output Discharge Circuit (RODC) option (suffix R) is available on all KLR models. This circuit rapidly discharges the output capacitance, thus significantly reducing response time to reductions in output voltage.

Kepco makes a variety of accessory prefabricated line cord sets for connecting KLR to source power via conventional box-mounted receptacles; a user-wireable mating plug is also available for applications involving custom source power wiring. The table below lists two popular cord set variants for North American applications. For other options please contact Kepco Sales Engineering with specific requirements.

Key Features

  • Switch mode topology for cool, efficient operation
  • GPIB and isolated analog programming included on all models
  • Built-in RS232 at no extra cost (standard Models only)
  • LAN control optional (E-Series Models only), replaces standard RS 232 interface
  • True 1U height, no spacing required between units when rack-mounted
  • Front to back air flow allows full power operation without spacers between supplies
  • Five models:
    • All models include GPIB interface
    • Standard models (no Suffix) include RS 232 interface
    • E-Series (E suffix) include LAN interface: KLR 20-120, KLR 40-60, KLR 75-32, KLR 150-16, KLR 300-8
  • A-c input, 200-240V a-c with PFC
Model Power (W)             Max Output Voltage(V) Max Output Current (A)
KLR 20-120 2400WATT 20 120
KLR 40-60 2400WATT 40 60
KLR 75-32 2400WATT 75 32
KLR 150-16 2400WATT 150 16
KLR 300-8 2400WATT 300 8
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