LPA05 – Wideband Power Amplifier – N4L

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Test and Measurement

LPA05 is a wideband power amplifier with ±40V peak voltage output at 3A rms from dc to 500kHz. At lower output levels, the gain extends beyond 1MHz. It uses an innovative balanced high frequency design to give a slew rate of greater than 120V/us, while maintaining dc accuracy and high reliability.

LPA05B is a higher current, lower voltage version capable of delivering 5A rms from dc to 1MHz at ±16V peak.

LPA05 is generally stable driving any load – resistive, capacitive (see note) or inductive – but as with all high frequency amplifiers, care must be taken when connecting to pure capacitive loads. An appropriate resistor or inductor may be needed in series with the capacitive load to minimise peaking in the frequency response or to prevent spurious oscillation. LPA05 is powered by a universal input power supply monitored by a pair of indicators on the front panel. Internally the LPA05 is floating from ground to minimise earth loops, but can be grounded by linking the output 0V to earth via the 4mm connectors.

LPA05 is housed in a robust steel cabinet.

Key Features:

  • 16 or 20Vpk @ 5 or 3Apk from DC to 1MHz
  • Fixed x10 gain
  • High slew rate
  • Ideal for Impedance analysis at high current bias
  • High frequency and current into low impedance
  • Stable into any load
  • Isolated BNC or 4mm touchproof output sockets
  • Combine with a PSM + HF Shunt for Impedance analysis

LPA05A and LPA05B:


Output Voltage
40V pk-pk (14Vrms) @ 1MHz
80V pk-pk (28Vrms) @ 250kHz
36V pk-pk (11Vrms) @ 1MHz
Max. AC Output Current
5Apk 3Arms 8Apk 5Arms
Slew Rate 120 v/us 120 v/us
Gain x10  x10 
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