LPA400 – High Frequency Amplifier – N4L

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Test and Measurement

LPA400 is a high frequency amplifier with up to ±400V peak voltage output capability from dc to greater than 100 kHz. At lower output levels, the gain extends beyond 1MHz. It uses an integrated power driver with regulated high voltage supplies to give dc accuracy and excellent high frequency performance, with high reliability.

The gain is switch selectable as x50, x200, or x500 and uses 0.1% low temperature coefficient resistors for accuracy and thermal stability.

LPA400 is unconditionally stable driving resistive, capacitive (See note) or inductive loads and can deliver up to 100mA rms continuously into any load. An indicator on the front panel indicates that the output is on and there is a switch to reset the protection circuitry in the event that it has been triggered by excessive output current.

As well as ac and ac+dc coupling there is a special coupling mode, ac+ (dc), where the dc component is not eliminated entirely but is reduced by a factor of about 10. This is particularly useful for testing wound components with a controlled dc bias current where the dc resistance of the component is considerably lower than the ac resistance. The high frequency bandwidth can also be reduced with a low pass filter.

The LPA400 is housed in a robust steel cabinet and includes a current overload reset switch.

Key Features:

  • 400Vpk @ 50mApk from DC to 1MHz
  • Switch selectable gain
  • High slew rate
  • AC, AC+DC or AC with reduced DC
  • stable into any load
  • Selectable bandwidth
Output Voltage 800Vpk-pk @ 100kHz
80Vpk-pk @ 1MHz
360Vpk-pk@ 200kHz
80Vpk-pk @ 1MHz
Max. AC Output Current 0.075Apk 0.05Arms  0.15Apk 0.1Arms
Slew Rate 500V/us 500V/us
Gain x50, x200, x500 x50, x200, x500
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