M1501 – Low Current Measurement – Sefelec

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Test and Measurement

The unit combines in one compact assembly the insulation resistance and low current measurement functions. Its use has been simplified by the use of a liquid crystal graphic display (LCD) and a keypad.

The M1501P unit is fully programmable by IEEE 488 bus .

The M1501M model is identical to the M1501P except for the IEEE488 bus.

The M1501U model is showing reduced specifications.

The insulation resistance measurement is made with DC voltages from 1 volt to 1500 volts. (from 10 to 1500 VDC for the M1501U) The measurement range goes from 100 (resolution ) to 2020 TΩ ( 5 kΩ to 20TΩ for the M1501U) .

The low current measurement is made either by using the internal DC voltage or by using an external source.

The current measurement range goes from 0.01 pA (resolution ) to 20 mA. (50pA to 20 mA for the M1501U).

The test parameters can be stored in 10 memories in Teraohmmeter mode as well as in Picoammeter mode .

Resistance range
DC voltage
Megohmmeter M1501P 100Ω -2000TΩ

1-1500 (1V steps) option up to 70 kV DC

GPIB included RS232, PLC, 0-10V analog output in option
Megohmmeter M1501M 1kΩ -2000TΩ

1-1500 (1V steps) option up to 70 kV DC

RS232 in option
Megohmmeter M1501U 5kΩ -20TΩ
10-1500 (10V steps)
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