MS Series Frequency Converters

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MS Series Frequency Converters

MS Series Frequency Converters

The Model 3060-MS is a high power solid state frequency converter consisting of one to ten 50 kW/62.5 kVA, 3 phase AC Power Sources. The MS Series offers reliable voltage and frequency conversion and power monitoring for facilities power and/or AC power test applications. By adding the external SCU/UPC-32 Universal Programmable Controller, the MS Series can be operated as a fully featured programmable AC Power Source complete with arbitrary waveform generation and AC transient programming.

Maximum System Flexibility and Reliability

Capable of operating as either the master or slave in a multi-cabinet parallel system. Easy to reconfigure to meet changing test needs.

MS Series Frequency Converter Control and Monitor Panel

The 3060-MS frequency converter is equipped with simple to use front panel controls for setting output voltage and frequency. This panel also provides read back on both AC input and AC output Frequency, Voltage, Current and Power as well as diagnostic information on system status and operation. For general frequency conversion facility power applications, the front panel controls provide all necessary setting and monitoring capabilities. For AC power test and development applications, the external SCU/UPC-32 programmable controller may be added as an option.

Model Power Voltage (Nominal) Current RMS Frequency
3060MS-50 50kW / 62,5 kVA 0-120V L-N / 208V L-L 175Arms / Phase 47-500Hz
3060MS-100 100kW / 125 kVA 0-120V L-N / 208V L-L 350Arms / Phase 47-500Hz
3060MS-150 150kW / 187,5 kVA 0-120V L-N / 208V L-L 525Arms / Phase 47-500Hz
3060MS-200 200kW / 250 kVA 0-120V L-N / 208V L-L 700Arms / Phase 47-500Hz
3060MS-250 250kW / 312,5 kVA 0-120V L-N / 208V L-L 875Arms / Phase 47-500Hz
3060MS-300 300kW / 375 kVA 0-120V L-N / 208V L-L 1050Arms / Phase 47-500Hz
3060MS-350 350kW / 437,5 kVA 0-120V L-N / 208V L-L 1225Arms / Phase 47-500Hz
3060MS-400 400kW / 500 kVA 0-120V L-N / 208V L-L 1400Arms / Phase 47-500Hz
3060MS-450 450kW / 562,5 kVA 0-120V L-N / 208V L-L 1575Arms / Phase 47-500Hz
3060MS-500 500kW / 625 kVA 0-120V L-N / 208V L-L 1750Arms / Phase 47-500Hz
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