MXS Series Teraohmmeter – Sefelec

Test and Measurement

The MXS series is a megohmmeter / teraohmmeter with a high accuracy, dedicated as well for test laboratories as for production line thanks to his ethernet interfaces and fast communication

Key Features MXS Series Teraohmmeter :

  • Insulation resistance from 50kΩ up to 200GΩ (2 TΩ in option)
  • DC voltage up to 1000 VDC (1V steps)
  • 50 parameter sets storage
  • Built in RS232C interface and good/bad contact
  • ETHERNET, PLC or IEEE488-2 interfaces in option
ModelResistance rangeDC voltageAccuracy
MXS50050kΩ – 2TΩ10-500(1V steps)±(1% + 1V)
MXS100050kΩ – 2TΩ20-1000 (1V steps)1,5%