NGPS High-Stability Digital Power Supply Series (10kW)

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NGPS High-Stability Digital Power Supply Series (10kW)

High-Stability, Efficiency and Low-Noise performance in a single 19″-3U power converter!

The NGPS – New Generation Power Supply

High-efficiency, low-noise and extreme temperature and long-term stability, obtained by the use of a DCCT of the 0-FLUCS technology allow the NGPS units to be the perfect fit for high demanding applications – e.g. particle physics and medical accelerator magnets.

The control loops of current and voltage are performed via a combined FPGA – DSP – ARM technology that enables to obtain the desired dynamic response with any type of different load connected to the power unit.

The architecture allows to get rid of a precision DAC board and a power amplifier: less components, more reliability, less noise, better performances!

Temperature stabilization, Ethernet, Fast Interfacing and embedded Linux OS.

The NGPS power units have a temperature stabilized section internally that makes the ambient temperature variations almost negligble, reaching a typical Temperature Coefficient (TC) value below 0.0001 %/°C.

The interfacing to the unit is straightforward: the standard fast interface is a 10/100/1000 TCP-IP Ethernet which gives industrial reliability and performance.
An ultra-fast interface used also to parallel units, is available on the front panel as SFP slot that enables users to digitally run the power unit at an outstanding 10-kHz update rate.

The embedded Linux OS gives maximum flexibility, creating a higher-level of interfacing to the external world. This also allows implementing customer routines and scripts on the unit directly.

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