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BLI 6127B Test and Measurement

The BLI 6127B Oscilloscope Calibrator is an accurate and simple way to calibrate a wide variety of oscilloscopes from low frequency units to instruments bandwidths over 1 GHz. The 6127B provides a variety of signals of precise voltage, current, timing and waveshape. The 6127B can be operated manually or automatically using the IEEE-488 interface and Ballantine’s automated software SCOPE-CAL™.

Time saving controls include computation of percent deviation, repeat step increment, self checking and warning of invalid entries.

Ballantine has over 300 procedures for many popular scopes on the market.

Key Features, BLI 6127B Oscilloscope Calibrator:

  • Maximum adaptability. Checks any scope from general purpose to advanced 1 GHz units.
  • Cuts oscilloscope calibration time and cost. Halves test time. Speeds throughput to 5 times when programmed.
  • Easy conversion to SCOPE-CALTM, Ballantine’s Automated Oscilloscope Calibration Software.
  • Over 300 free procedures.
  • Manual or IEEE 488 GPIB operation.
  • User friendly µP based panel computes oscilloscope calibration errors, self checks, flags invalid entries.
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