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Key Features

  • Voltage up to 400
  • Currrent up to 150 A
  • Power 500 W … 1,500 W
  • Short-time overload capacity
  • Current and resistance mode
  • Dynamic loads
  • SCPI programming with measurement function
  • Full electronic protection
  • Analog measurement output for voltage, current and power
  • Analog control input

Operating Modes

The devices have constant-current and constant-resistance operating modes in both static and dynamic operation. If fitted with an RS-232 or GPIB interface, software-controlled constant power control is possible. The manual setting of the load values takes place via two precise ten-turn potentiometers. Switch from value A to value B by a keystroke.

Dynamic Operation

In dynamic mode the inbuilt modulator performs the switch between the setpoints A and B. For each load level it is possible to set a corresponding pulse duration of 0.5 ms … 500 milliseconds. In addition, pulse-pause ratios can be varied within broad time range. Switching between the two load levels can also be via the Analog I/O Interface at all levels between 3 V and 30 V.

Interfaces (optional)

  • RS-232 + system bus
  • GPIB + RS-232 + system bus
  • Smart-LAN (Ethernet-RS-232-Converter)


60W 120W 240V 400V
300 W 5A PL506SC5
500 W 50A PL506 20A PL512 10A PL524 8A PL540
600 W 10A PL1006SC10
900 W 15A PL1506SC15
1000 W 100A PL1006 50A PL1012 20A PL1024 16A PL1040
1500 W 150A PL1506 80A PL1512 30A PL1524 25A PL1540
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