Power Analysis Software – N4L

PPALoG – Power Analyzer Data Logging Software

PPALoG is a flexible high performance data acquisition program designed specifically for the N4L PPA series of power analyzers. The software drivers are tuned to communicate with the N4L power analyzer efficiently at high speed. PPALoG is capable of communicating with the PPA at intervals as low as 10ms. It is worth noting that the 10ms interval is the rate at which computed results (utilising a 1Ms/s or 2.2Ms/s sampling rate) are returned, PPALoG offers true real time no gap high speed data logging with no missing data.

Software Size Programming language Functions
PPALoG <1Mb C++ win32 API Datalogging, Graphing, Remote control, export to excel, csv and text, master/slave up to 4 instruments (12 phases)

PPA Standby Power Analysis Software

N4L have developed a convenient automated software package that feature all of the EN50564 test limits for standby power software testing. Combined with the accuracy provided by any of the PPA5500(10A & 30A), PPA4500(10A & 30A), PPA1500(20A & 30A) and PP500(20A & 30A) units N4L are able to provide a fully compliant standby power test solution.

Software Size Programming language Functions
N4L Standby Power 24Mb Visual C++ .NET EN50564 & IEC62301 Compliance,export to excel reporting