PPA3500 Series – 6 Phase Power Analyzer – N4L

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Test and Measurement

Applicable to a wide range of applications, the high accuracy 6 phase power analyzers from the PPA3500 Series enable the user to carry out reliable and accurate power analysis. As a result of an innovative analogue card design, the PPA3500 only measures 2U and it is available in 1 to 6 phase configurations. The PPA3500 benefits from a full colour “Dual” TFT display, a concept employing two TFT displays within one instrument, allowing for a large widescreen display area in a 2U form factor.

Key Applications:

  • PWM Inverter drive efficiency analysis
  • Standby power
  • AC/DC converters
  • Solar arrays
  • UPS
  • Power quality
  • High frequency power electronics

Features and Benefits:

  • Leading wideband accuracy 0.05% in 2U form factor
  • Wideband frequency range from 10mHz to 1MHz
  • Market leading phase accurcay at 0.005 degrees
  • Built-in high precision shunt 30Arms or 20Arms(LC)
  • DFT Based power calculation
  • Fast sample rate 1M samples/s and No-Gap measurements
  • Versatile interfaces: RS232, USB, LAN, GPIB, Torque, Speed and extension for ADI40 Option
  • Real time monitoring and efficiency calculation of electrical-to-electrical and electrical-to-mechanical
  • Up to 6 phases (8 wire) analysis
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