PSI 6000 Series Linear Controlled Power Supply

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PSI 6000 Series Linear Controlled Power Supply

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This series of linear controlled power supply units can be programmed and monitored manually, using up and down keys, using an alphanumeric keypad, or via PC. All important output parameters are shown on a large display.

The units can be used as a constant voltage supply or a constant current supply. The power output is available via safety sockets on the front face.

In order to operate the unit via a PC a adapter is required. Adapters for RS232, USB and GPIB/IEEE are available. These are connected to a socket at the rear of the unit.

A mounting kit for 19“ is optionally available.

Key Features

  • Digitally programmable, linear regulation
  • Output power ratings: 90W up to 216W
  • Output voltages: 0…18V, 0…36V, 0…72V, 0…150V
  • Output currents: 1.2A up to 10A
  • Overvoltage protection (OVP)
  • Overtemperature protection (OT)
  • Storage for 16 operation states
  • Optional, digital interface adapters
Model Voltage (V) Current (A)
PSI 6018-05 0-18 0-5
PSI 6018-10 0-18 0-10
PSI 6032-03 0-32 0-3
PSI 6032-06 0-32 0-6
PSI 6072-02 0-72 0-1.5
PSI 6072-03 0-72 0-3
PSI 6150-01 0-150 0-1.2
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