PSM Series – Dual Range Linear DC Power Supplies

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PSM Series – Dual Range Linear DC Power Supplies

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The PSM-Series are single output / dual range, 120 or 200W, programmable linear DC power supplies. OVP, OCP, OTP, and, output On/Off control protect the PSM-Series and their load from unexpected conditions. High resolution, high regulation, and low ripple are maintained at 1mV/1mA, 0.01%, and <350 Vrms, respectively. Operation and configuration is simplified with a digital interface and a clear LCD display. Standard features include store/recall output memories, automatic stepping with timers for continuous testing and self-testing, and software calibration features to reduce maintenance efforts. SCPI programming, LabVIEW drivers, RS-232C, and GPIB interfaces enable easy automated test system integration and remote control. The PSM-Series are an ideal choice for high precision applications such as QA verification and product development.

Key Features

  • Single Output Dual Range Max. 200W
  • High resolution: 1mV/1mA
  • 0.01% load/line regulation, 350uVrms ripple
  • Auto step runing with timer setting and 100 Sets memory
  • Safety design: OVP,OCP & OTP;Output ON/OFF control
  • Self-test and software calibration
  • Highly visible vacuum-fluorescent display
  • Front and rear output terminal
  • Standard interface : RS-232C, GPIB
  • Option : European Jack Type Terminal
Model Low Range (A) High Range (A)
PSM-2010 0~8V/20A 0~20V/10A
PSM-3004 0~15V/7A 0~30V/4A
PSM-6003 0~30V/6A 0~60V/3.3A
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