Regul8or Digital High-Performance Programmable Power Supply Controller

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Regul8or Digital High-Performance Programmable Power Supply Controller

The REGUL8OR is a universal power supply controller that allows converting your standard power supply or amplifier in a state-of-the-art multi-function power converter

This breakthrough power supply controller allows converting your programmable power supply unit or amplifier in a state-of the-art power converter unit with built-in Web-Server, Waveform Generation and Oscilloscope functions.

This fan-less unit comes together with a 0-FLUCS current transducer by CAEN ELS and with voltage sensing terminals, with current measuring ranges up to 1.000 A and 200 V.

Any power converter within these ratings can be connected to the controller and its current and voltage values are monitored and stabilized by the internal configurable digital control loop (on a FPGA) so that any load conditions can be easily fit in order to obtain the desired response.

The digital current control loop makes the connection and configuration of the power supply to any load quick and simple

This controller will transform any power converter to a ppm-level stability power unit, with negligible line and load regulation values and will greatly improve the accuracy.

The programmable power supply connected to the REGUL8OR can be driven by multiple interfaces: a precision fast DAC (± 5 V or ± 10 V), a 4-20 mA loop driver or optional optically-isolated PWM signals.

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