RTM2000 – Digital Oscilloscope – Rohde & Schwarz Hameg

Test and Measurement

The R&S®RTM2000 Digital Oscilloscopes have a bandwidth of 200 MHz, 350 MHz, 500 MHz or 1 GHz, maximum sampling rate of 5 Gsample/s and a maximum memory depth of 20 Msample. As a result, they can display signals accurately, right down to the details, as well as provide high time resolution, even for long sequences.

Key Features:

  • Signal analysis: quick results
  • Debugging: everything at a glance
  • Usability: smart concepts
  • Accuracy: our strength
  • Logic analysis: more details
  • Serial protocols: easy triggering and decoding

Signal analysis: quick results

  • Signal details at the push of a button: QuickMeas
  • Measurement results in detail: powerful cursor functions
  • Focus on details: zoom and markers
  • Fast time to results: switch on, measure and done

Debugging: everything at a glance

  • Settings in only seconds: mask test
  • Integrated: FFT analysis
  • To the point: comprehensive triggering capabilities

Usability: smart concepts

  • Easy orientation: color-coded controls
  • Fast access: flat menus
  • Fault-tolerant: undo/redo function
  • See more: high-resolution XGA display
  • Two displays instead of one: VirtualScreen
  • Remote control, data exchange: diverse interfaces
  • Multilingual: choice of nine languages

Accuracy: our strength

  • 1 mV/div: full measurement bandwidth
  • Frontends: low noise and low crosstalk
  • Deep memory: acquire long sequences

Logic analysis: more details

  • Precision measurement: up to 5 Gsample/s sampling rate
  • Deep memory: acquire long sequences
  • Better overview: VirtualScreen
  • Everything at a glance: activity display

Serial protocols: easy triggering and decoding

  • Tools for protocol analysis
  • Intuitive navigation
Model Bandwidth Channels
R&S®RTM2022/24 200MHz 2/4
R&S®RTM2032/34 350MHz 2/4
R&S®RTM2052/54 500MHz 2/4
R&S®RTM2102/04 1GHz 2/4