RTO 1000 – Digital Oscilloscope – Rohde & Schwarz Hameg

Test and Measurment

The R&S®RTO 1000 digital oscilloscopes combine excellent signal fidelity, high acquisition rate and the world’s first realtime digital trigger system with a compact device format in the 600 MHz to 4 GHz class. They offer hardware-accelerated measurement and analysis functions, as well as an advanced user interface that makes these instruments really fun to work with.

Key Features:

  • Find signal faults fast
  • Hardware-accelerated analysis
  • Highly accurate digital trigger system
  • New ease of operation
  • Convincing accuracy
  • Logic analysis with MSO option

Find signal faults fast

  • One million waveforms per second: fault finding
  • High acquisition rates without limitation of functionality
  • Fast error analysis with the history view function

Hardware-accelerated analysis

  • High measurement speed, even for complex analysis functions
  • FFT-based spectrum analysis: powerful and user-friendly
  • Mask test: quick configuration, reliable results
  • Sophisticated analysis with up to three simultaneous waveforms per channel

Highly accurate digital trigger system

  • Precise measurements due to low trigger jitter
  • High trigger sensitivity at full bandwidth
  • Adjustable digital filter for the trigger signal

New ease of operation

  • Straightforward,smart menu structure
  • Color-coded control elements for clear user guidance
  • Signal icons with drag & drop functionality
  • Measurement signals always fully visible thanks to semitransparent dialog boxes

Convincing accuracy

  • Precise measurement due to very low inherent noise
  • High dynamic range due to single-core A/D converter
  • Full measurement bandwidth, even for input sensitivity ranges ≤ 10 mV/div
  • Low gain and offset errors
  • High channel-to-channel isolation prevents crosstalk
Model Bandwidth Channels
R&S®RTO1044 4GHz 4/2
R&S®RTO1024/R&S®RTO1022 2GHz 4/2
R&S®RTO1014/R&S®RTO1012 1GHz 4/2
R&S®RTO1004/R&S®RTO1002 600MHz 4/2