RTW Series Single Output Power Supplies

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RTW Series Single Output Power Supplies

RTW Series Single Output Power Supplies

Kepco Power’s RTW series are general-purpose, L-chassis, single output power supplies.

They are available in 50, 100, 150 and 300-watt power levels. Their small size and very low profile allow the RTW series to be fitted into small spaces. They feature full safety compliance to international standards and have suppressed both conducted and radiated emission to FCC class B levels.

Power factor correction (PFC) is standard, with the input power factor typically equal to 0.99. This minimizes the potential for the introduction of distortion on the a-c mains as the power supply’s input conduction takes place over the entire a-c cycle.

A green power-on LED provides visual evidence of operation. An isolated remote ON-OFF control is built-in, as is remote error sensing. (A 4-wire Kelvin connection to the load eliminates the losses in the d-c load wires.) RTW may be operated in series for increased output voltage or in parallel for increased current. The 300W models provide for current balancing among parallel units. The output is current limited with a “square type” current limit circuit. In case of an overload, the unit goes into current limit and recovers automatically when the overload is removed; there is no shut down or current protection characteristics for these models. The output voltage setting is user-adjustable. When an overvoltage is detected, the output voltage shuts down. An interval of 30 seconds is required before resetting.

The RTW Series can be mounted in a 19-inch rack using Kepco Power’s RA 40 Rack Adapter and appropriate mounting brackets. Factory-installed covers for 50W and 100W models can be obtained by adding a C suffix to the model number, e.g., RTW 5-10KC. The 300W models include a factory-installed cover. For 300W models without covers, contact Kepco for assistance.

All RTW modules are suitable as DC-DC converters, however note that Safety Agency approvals are valid only for a-c input. DC input voltage range for RTW models is 120V – 370V d-c.

RTW models can be mixed with your choice of Kepco modular power supplies (e.g., RKW open frame, RKW programmable, RTW, RKE, JBW, HSM, RCW) and packaged in one of our standard rack adapters for a custom power solution you design yourself. Or, if you chose, give us your specs and we’ll design it for you.

RTW Series Key Features

  • Remote ON/OFF
  • Output indicator, green LED
  • Remote error sensing
  • Overvoltage protection
  • Overcurrent limit
  • Remote ON-OFF
  • Remote Voltage control
  • 300W: Using 0-5V external source
  • 50W, 100W, 150W: Using variable resistance
  • Parallel Operation (300W models support Current Balancing and Master/Slave operation)
  • Power factor corrected, wide-range a-c input
  • RoHS Compliant
Power (W)            Output Voltage (V)
OutputCurrent (A)
RTW 3.3-12K
50 WATT 3.3 12.5
RTW 5-10K 50 WATT 5 10
RTW 12-4.3K 50 WATT 12 4.3
RTW 15-3.5K 50 WATT 15 3.5
RTW 24-2.2K 50 WATT 24 2.2
RTW 28-1.8K 50 WATT 28 1.8
RTW 48-1.1K 50 WATT 48 1.1
RTW 3.3-25K 100 WATT 3.3 25
RTW 5-20K 100 WATT 5 20
RTW 12-8.4K 100 WATT 12 8.4
RTW 15-6.7K 100 WATT 15 6.7
RTW 24-4.2K 100 WATT 24 4.2
RTW 28-3.6K 100 WATT 28  3.6
RTW 48-2.1K 100 WATT 48 2.1
RTW 3.3-35K 150 WATT  3.3 35
RTW 5-30K 150 WATT  5 30
RTW 12-12K 150 WATT  12 12.5
RTW 15-10K 150 WATT  15 10
RTW 24-6.3K 150 WATT  24 6.3
RTW 28-5.4K 150 WATT  28 5.4
RTW 48-3.2K 150 WATT  48 3.2
RTW 3.3-70KC 300 WATT 3.3 70
RTW 5-60KC 300 WATT 5 60
RTW 12-25KC 300 WATT 12 25
RTW 15-20KC 300 WATT 15 20
RTW 24-13KC 300 WATT 24 13
RTW 28-11KC 300 WATT 28 11
RTW 48-6.5KC 300 WATT 48 6.5
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