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Test and Measurement

The high voltage cable tester is the smallest and lightest on the market, with such good specs/price ratio. Working with or without PC, it is as much dedicated to production than or laboratory than maintenance, for indoor and outdoor applications in its ruggedized version. Our Synor 420X cable testing solution can be modernised into Synor 5000 series, in order to benefit the wide additional possibilities of our new Winpass software platform with regular free web updates

Key Features:

  • AC/DC dielectric strength test
  • Insulation measurement
  • 2 & 4 wire continuity test
  • Functional test / stimuli
  • Test of components
  • ALL board types can be mixed
  • Stand alone tester
  • Synor 420X series compatibility
  • Ethernet, PLC interfaces
  • Windows 7 compatible software
  • Multilingual software, free updates available on our web
  • Height 3U
Model AC/DC Dielectrical strength test  (hipot tester) DC Insulation test / resistance range 2/4 wires continuity test
Synor 5000P High voltage cable tester up to 5000VAC
SKU: 150
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