TA107 – Transimpedance Amplifier – N4L

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Test and Measurement

Above 500MOhm, the measurement techniques utilized within the ‘LCR Active Head’ or ‘IAI/IAI2’ are not ideal, due partly to the exceptionally low current associated with high impedance analysis and also the parasitic capacitance of the connection leads to a sample under test.

The TA107 Transimpedance Amplifier provides a solution for high impedance analysis applications by measuring the current flowing through a component or material under test with an innovative earth referenced transimpedance amplifier technique. The TA107 Transimpedance Amplifier supplements our existing impedance analyser range to provide a solution for a wide range of measurement applications.

Frequency Range  Impedance range PSM1735
IAI Impedance Analyzer
DC to 100kHz
 1MΩ to 100GΩ 
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