TT-HV-250 – Voltage Measurement – N4L

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TT-HV-250 High Voltage Probe (2.5kVpk)

Although N4L power analysers feature 3000Vpk (PPA4500 and PPA5500) and 2500Vpk (PPA500 and PPA1500) voltage inputs, a particularly useful feature of all N4L power analyzers is the 3Vpk BNC inputs situated on both the voltage and current channels. This results in the ability to measure 6 x high voltage signals (with attenuators on external inputs) on a 3 Phase instrument, in this case the three current channel “External Inputs” could be used to measure a voltage via an input attenuator such as the TT-HV250.

Model Voltage Rating Bandwidth Attenuation Specification Data
TT-HV-250 2,5kV pk 300MHz 100:1 2.5kv High Voltage Probe (N4L) - Download data sheet

TT-HVP-15HF High Voltage Probe (15kVpk, 10kVrms)

The TTV-HVP-15HF High Voltage Probes allows any of our power analysers to be connected to signals up to 15kV, this is particularly useful for voltage measurement of power line applications, the high voltage probes is connected to the power analyzer via the Vext BNC connection on the instrument, the probe is then enabled in the RANGE menu of the power analyser.

Model Voltage Rating Bandwidth Attenuation Specification Data
TT-HV-250 15kV pk 50MHz 1000:1 Download data sheet

ULCP Ultra Low Capacitance Probe (1kVrms)

The ULCP ultra low capacitance probe is intended for voltage measurement of devices which are particularly sensitive to capacitive loading. This is particularly useful when measuring start up characteristics of low power lighting ballasts, the ULCP Ultra Low Capacitance Probe utilises a differential input design that provides a capacitance to ground of 1pF.

Model Voltage Rating Bandwidth Attenuation Specification Data
TT-HV-250 3kV pk 2MHz 1000:1 Ultra Low Capacitance Probe (N4L) - Download data sheet

Spare N4L PPA Voltage Connection Lead Set

All N4L Power Analysers are supplied with the necessary voltage and current connection leads in order to make measurements “out of the box”. It may be the case that the supplied lead set has been damaged/gone missing, in these situations it is possible to order a replacement lead set.

Model Length Current Rating
(If used for current measurement)
LS-20 1,5m 20A
LS-36 1,5m 36A
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