EMOB200 Test Case

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EMOB200 Test Case

ZERA EMOB200 Test Case

On-site testing of AC and DC charging stations

With ZERA’s test case EMOB200 you are independent of the mains supply when measuring current and voltage on-site so testing of electric vehicle AC and DC charging stations is simple and easy.

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Voltage measurement max.
  • 1000 V (DC)
  • 300 V (AC)
Current measurement max.
  • 200 A (DC)
  • 32 A (AC)
Accuracy class
  • 0.05
  • (of the integrated transformer)
Main functions
  • CAT II
  • Direct connection to charging stations for electric vehicle
  • Direct measurement up to 200 A (DC)
  • Direct measurement up to 32 A (AC)
  • Energy measurement during the charging process
Scope of application
  • On-site measurement (without mains supply) of charging stations of electric vehicles
  • Charging cable detection
  • Correct connection
  • Overcurrent detection
  • Security check
  • A comprehensive range of accessories for on-site testing in a separate case
  • Charging cable with additional measuring line (sense)
  • Comfortable control by guided test sequences via WinSAM and tablet
  • Electromechanical plug locking
  • Independent of the mains supply by battery operation of the connected reference meter (MT3x0s2)
  • Short set-up times due to permanent connection of the s2 device and the test case EMOBxxx
  • Connector type 2 (EU)
  • Suitable for high-current/quick charging stations
  • Temperature monitoring of the high-current contacts
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