Zera EMOB32

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· Test case for direct connection to charging stations for electric vehicle
· Reliable energy measurement during the charging process
· Optimal extension unit for the portable reference meter MT310s2
· Current measurement up to 32 A (AC)Easy handling
· Direct connection via special charging cables (see below)
· Permanent connection of s2 device* and test case
· A comprehensive range of accessories for on-site testing in a separate case

High safety aspects
· Connections according to IEC 62196
· Battery pack* for mains supply of the reference meter on-site
High accuracy
· Accuracy of the integrated transformers: 0.05 %
· Charging cable with additional measuring line (sense) to avoid measuring uncertainties or losses due to cable length if there is no connection cable at the charging station is available.

EMOB32 Test case 32 A (AC) 300 V (AC) 3 AC 0.05 %

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