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Sample Windows in Asynchronous Efficiency Measurements

In modern power systems, analysis often requires the efficiency measurement between between two asynchronous, periodic waveforms. For example, a variable-frequency drive with mains input generates a secondary AC output with selectable frequency for controlling the sped of an AC motor. To establish system efficiency, both swiftly and accurately, the input and output waveforms need to […]

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Get Your Battery Test Project Back on Track – Free Live Webinar!

Free Live Webinar! Tuesday, February 9, 2020 at 14:00-15:00 Register Now Are your battery test projects on schedule? Covid-19 has caused numerous project delays worldwide, due to workplace shutdowns, delayed funding, and talent acquisition challenges. These are the 3 most common reasons we’ve seen for project delays due to the pandemic. Product Development Schedule Challenges: […]

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UK Electric Car Battery Industry Gains Competitive Advantage from Brexit

Nissan, the UK’s largest car manufacturer, has said that Brexit has delivered the company a competitive advantage in the field of electric vehicle batteries. Initially concerned about Brexit uncertainty, the Japanese firm with a manufacturing plant based in Sunderland, believed a no-deal exit from the European Union would jeopardise its entire European business model with […]

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Electric Car Batteries with Five-Minute Charging Time Announced

Electric car batteries capable of fully charging in five minutes have been produced, it has been announced this morning. The Israeli company StoreDot has developed the new lithium-ion battery technology and the sample cells were produced by their strategic partner, German firm EVE Energy’s Chinese arm. Furthermore, the new electric vehicle (EV) batteries were produced […]

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Free Live Webinar! The Fundamentals of Battery Module and Pack Test

Wednesday, May 6, 2020 at 14:00 | Duration = 1 hour The battery market is growing rapidly due to the acceleration of electrification in the automotive, aerospace and energy industries. In turn, batteries are the pivotal component for electrifying automobiles, planes, trains, and the grid. Therefore, it’s imperative that today’s engineers, researchers, and managers understand […]

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