Alternative Energy

Caltest understands alternative energy testing requirements and provide power and test equipment for all your needs.

Power testing solutions for every stage of the alternative energy generation cycle

Caltest has been providing power sources, test and measurement instrumentation solutions for over 20 years. We are proud to officially represent many industry leading manufacturers in the alternative energy sector. We advise on and provide testing and analysis equipment for alternative energy operators.

We are also the sole authorised UK distributor and service centre for many leading manufacturers of power supplies and test equipment. Caltest offers products from UK power and calibration specialists alongside cost effective T&M instruments from the leading brands to meet your project requirements.

The Caltest Alternative Energy Testing Product Range

We work with leading manufacturers to provide effective solutions

Caltest is very proud to be the sole authorised UK distributor and service centre for several leading internal manfacturers of power supplies and battery test equipment.