HV 9000 Series High Voltage DC Power Supplies

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HV 9000 Series High Voltage DC Power Supplies

HV 9000 Series High Voltage DC Power Products

The high voltage power supplies of the EA-HV 9000 series are frequency modulated resonance converters and have proved themselves thousand fold.

The units are provided with easy-to-use 10-turn potentiometers, 3½ digit illuminated displays and preset functions for voltage, current and OVP.

An analog interface is provided to program and record voltage and current with 0…10V.

The external programming connection is also equipped with an interlock loop (safety cutout).

HV 9000 Series Key Features

  • Wide input voltage range 90…264V with active PFC
  • High efficiency up to 91%
  • Output power: 2000W
  • Output voltages: 1200V up to 12kV h Output currents: 170mA up to 1.67A h Resonance converter
  • High regulation accuracy, low ripple
  • Voltage and current adjustable
  • Overvoltage protection (OVP)
  • Overtemperature protection (OT)
  • 3½ digit displays for voltage and current
  • Status indication signal via LEDs
  • Flashover & short circuit proof
  • Analog interface with many functions
    • U / I programmable via 0…10V
    • U / I monitoring via 0…10V
  • Temperature controlled fans for cooling
  • Desktop unit and 19“ in one (3U)
  • Optional, digital interfaces
    • GPIB (IEEE) with RS232
    • USB EA-UTA12 (external)
Model Voltage (V) Current (A)  Power (W)
HV 9000-1K2-2000 0-1200 0.1.67 2000
HV 9000-2K2-2000 0-2000 0-1 2000
HV 9000-4K2-2000 0-4000 0-0.5 2000
HV 9000-6K2-2000 0-6000 0-0.35 2000
HV 9000-12K2-2000 0-12000 0-0.17 2000
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