PS 2000 Series – Laboratory Power Supply

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PS 2000 Series – Laboratory Power Supply

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The dual laboratory power supply in the EA-PS 2000 series have 2 main outputs of 80W and a 12W supplementary output of 3…6V at 2A.

The two main outputs can be connected in series or in par- allel by means of a selection switch. Settings and display for voltage and current are made using this master output and the two outputs work together as one.

The safety output sockets are on the front face of the unit. Voltage and current can be adjusted at will from zero to the required value.

Key Features

  • Designed for
    • Schools,university and laboratories
    • Industry and system applications
    • Workshop and development
    • Laboratories and test institutes
  • Output voltages: 2x 0…16V or 2x 0…32V
  • Output currents: 0…2.5A and 0…5A
  • Master-Slave parallel or serial operation in 1 unit
  • Over temperature protection (OT)
  • Three-digit display for voltage and current
  • Temperature controlled fans for cooling
  • Case closed on top and bottom
  • Safety output sockets
  • 100% duty cycle
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