PS 9000 3U Series – DC Power Supply – Elektro-Automatik

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The microprocessor controlled high efficiency laboratory power supplies of series EA-PS 9000 3U offer many functions and features in their standard version, making the use of this equipment remarkably easy and most effective.

The clearly arranged control panel features two rotary knobs, six pushbuttons and two LEDs. Together with an illuminated, blue LC display for all values and status it simplifies the use of the device.

In order to achieve even higher output power than the single units can supply, cabinets with up to 150kW and up to 42U size can be configured to suit the user‘s requirements. Also see page 148.

Key Features

  • Multi-phase input 340…460VAC
  • High efficiency up to 95.5%
  • Output power ratings: 0…3.3kW, 0…5kW, 0…6.6kW,
  • 0…10kW, 0…15kW, expandable up to 150kW
  • Output voltages: 0…40V up to 0…1500V
  • Output currents: 0…30A up to 0…510A
  • Expandable up to 0…5100A
  • Auto-ranging output stage
  • Various protection circuits (OVP, OCP, OPP, OTP)
  • Control panel with pushbuttons and blue LCD for actual values, set values, status and alarms
  • Galvanically isolated analog interface with
    • U / I / P programmable via 0…10V or 0…5V
    • U / I monitoring via 0…10V or 0…5V
  • Remote sensing with automatic detection
  • Temperature controlled fans for cooling
  • 19“ enclosure in 3U
  • 40V models according to SELV (EN 60950)
  • USB and Ethernet port integrated
  • EMC TÜV approved for IEC 61000-6-2:2006 Class B
  • SCPI command language supported
ModelVoltage (V)Current (A) Power (W)Efficiency
PSI 9040-170 3U0-400-1700-330093%
PSI 9080-170 3U0-800-1700-500093%
PSI 9200-70 3U0-2000-700-500095%
PSI 9360-40 3U0-3600-400-500093%
PSI 9500-30 3U0-5000-300-500095.5%
PSI 9750-20 3U0-7500-200-500094%
PSI 9040-340 3U0-400-3400-660093%
PSI 9040-510 3U0-400-5100-1000093%
PSI 9080-340 3U0-800-3400-1000093%
PSI 9200-140 3U0-2000-1400-1000095%
PSI 9360-80 3U0-3600-800-1000093%
PSI 9500-60 3U0-5000-600-1000095%
PSI 9750-40 3U0-400-400-1000094%
PSI 91000-30 3U0-300-300-1000095%
PSI 9080-510 3U0-800-5100-1500093%
PSI 9200-210 3U0-2000-2100-1500095%
PSI 9360-120 3U0-3600-1200-1500093%
PSI 9500-90 3U0-5000-900-1500095%
PSI 9750-60 3U0-7500-600-1500094%
PSI 91500-30 3U0-15000-300-1500095%