PSI 8000 2U Series – Laboratory Power Supplies – Elektro-Automatik

Power Products

The microprocessor controlled laboratory power supplies of series EA-PSI 8000 2U cover state-of-the-art technology.

They already offer multiple functions and features in their standard version, making the use of this equipment remarkably easy and most effective.

User and process profiles can be configured, saved and archived so that the reproducibility of a test or other application is improved. The extensive integrated monitoring functions for all output parameters with adjustable delays of alerts simplify test assembly, such that the usual external monitoring is mostly unnecessary.

Key Features

  • Wide input voltage range 90…264V with active PFC
  • High eficiency up to 92%
  • Output powers: 640W up to 0…3000W
  • Output voltages: 0…32V up to 0…720V
  • Output currents: 0…4A up to 0…120A
  • Flexible, power regulated output stage*
  • Overvoltage protection (OVP)
  • Overtemperature protection (OT)
  • Graphic display for all values and functions
  • Status indication and notiications via display
  • Remote sense with automatic detection
  • Analogue interface with many functions
    • U / I / P* programmable via 0…10V or 0…5V
    • U / I monitoring via 0…10V or 0…5V
  • Alarm management
  • Integrated function generator
  • Memory bank for user proiles
  • Temperature controlled fans for cooling
  • Optional interface cards
  • Internal resistance regulation (optional)
  • High speed ramping (optional)
ModelVoltage (V)Current (A) Power (W)Efficiency
PSI 8032-20 2U0-320-2064090.5%
PSI 8065-10 2U0-650-1065093%
PSI 8160-04 2U0-1600-464093%
PSI 8080-40 2U0-800-40100090.5%
PSI 8040-60 2U0-400-60150090.5%
PSI 8080-60 2U0-800-60150090.5%
PSI 8360-15 2U0-3600-15150093%
PSI 8040-120 2U0-400-120300090.5%
PSI 8080-120 2U0-800-120300090.5%
PSI 8160-60 2U0-1600-60300093%
PSI 8360-30 2U0-3600-30300090.5%
PSI 8720-15 2U0-7200-15300090.5%