PST Series – 3-channel Linear DC Power Supplies

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PST Series – 3-channel Linear DC Power Supplies

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The PST series are 3-channel, 96 or 158W, programmable linear DC power supplies. High resolution, maintained at 10mV, 1mA ( 3A). OVP, OCP, and OTP, protects the PST-Series and its loads from unexpected conditions. The PST Series are capable of independent, series, or parallel operation for increased flexibility. The large LCD display conveniently displays all outputs and configurations simultaneously to simplify operation. The programmable interface allows automatic stepping, 100 set of memory, and comprehensive timing operations. GPIB and RS232C interfaces, Labview driver,s and SCPI compatibility allow easy ATE software development and remote control. The versatile PST-Series is ideal for high resolution, multiple output, and automated operations such as production testing and rack mounting systems.

Key Features:

  • Digitized programmable interface
  • high resolution 10mV, 1mA
  • 192 x 128 LCD display, simultaneously
  • Over-voltage, over-current, over temperature protection
  • Intelligent fan control (changes by output power)
  • 100 Sets memory
  • Auto step running with timer
  • Provided auto series and parallel function
  • Labview driver
  • Standard interface: RS-232C
  • Optional: GPIB (IEEE-488.2)
  • Optional European jack type terminal
Model Power (W) Output Voltage(V) Output Current (A)
PST-3202 158X 0~32Vx2, 0~6Vx1 0~2Ax2, 0~5Ax1
PST-3201 96W 0~32Vx3 0~1Ax3
SKU: 343
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