RKE Series – Shielded Power Converters

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RKE Series – Shielded Power Converters

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These lightweight (less than 7 lbs.), compact (less than 160 cubic inches), fully enclosed/shielded power converters deliver either 24, 36 or 48 volts d-c, to run distributed power systems, motors, actuators or heaters. Their universal a-c input (85-265V a-c) is at home with either 115V a-c or 230V a-c, though they produce significantly more output at the higher input voltage, and should be run from 200-240 volt mains wherever possible.

Power factor correction is standard, as is full compliance with all international safety and EMI standards.

Key Features

  • RoHS Compliant
  • Operation indicator, green LED
  • Wide range a-c input: 85-265V a-c,50-60Hz
  • Remote on-off control
  • Parallel operation with a current balance circuit
  • Series operation
  • Master slave operation
  • Fully isolated d-c ouput
  • Variable output voltage adjust 70-115% with external trimmer
  • Power fail alarm
  • Fan-cooled, built-in variable-speed fan
  • Full current ouput to +50 ºC; 80% at 60 ºC
  • N+1 redundancy operation for ultra-reliability
  • Conducted and radiated EMI:Class B
  • DIN rail mountable
Model Output Voltage(V) Output Current (A)
RKE 24-50K 24 50
RKE 36-42K 36 42
RKE 48-32K 48 32
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