PEL 2000 Series Programmable DC Electronic Loads (GW Instek)

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PEL 2000 Series Programmable DC Electronic Loads

The PEL-2004 and PEL-2002 are multiple channel, programmable DC electronic loads with a modularized structure. The PEL-2000 Series is designed to meet the continuing shift toward high speed operation in today’s semiconductor market. As the power supply units, DC-DC converters, and batteries that drive semiconductor circuits to follow this shift, power supply design, quality inspection, and characteristic certification using high-speed performance loads have become necessary.

PEL 2000 Series Key Features:

  • Sequence function to do high Efficient load simulations
  • Flexible configuration with mainframes and plug-in modules
  • Multiple independent load inputs up to 8 channels in a mainframe
  • Parallel connection of inputs for increased load capacity
  • Parallel connection of inputs for static and dynamic tests
  • Multiple channels run for dynamic tests under one clock control
  • Maximum rated power for low range high resolution CC tests
  • Von setting and Von on/off for start-up Von tests
  • Program mode to create work routines for repetitive tests
  • OPP/OCP/OVP/OTP protections
  • External channel control/monitoring via an analogue control connector
  • Multi-Interface USB Device / Host, RS-232C, and GPIB (Optional)
  • Multi-mainframe link up to 5 mainframes in a system
  • PEL-2002 2-Slot Programmable DC Electronic Load Mainframe
  • PEL-2004 4-Slot Programmable DC Electronic Load Mainframe
  • PEL-2020 Dual Channel Module, (1~80V, 20A, 100W) x 2
  • PEL-2030 Dual Channel Module, (1~80V, 5A, 30W) x 1 + (1~80V, 40A, 250W) x 1
  • PEL-2040 Single Channel Module, (1~80V, 70A, 350W)
  • PEL-2041 Single Channel Module, (2.5~500V, 10A, 350W)
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