Customer Satisfaction Survey

As a valued customer of Caltest service and/or calibration equipment, we are very interested in your views.

So that we can provide you an even better experience we are collecting feedback on how we performed. Our short survey shouldn’t take you longer than a few minutes to complete.

Should you have any questions or if we can help you in anyway, please contact us using the information on this page.

1. How did you find the accuracy of our order processing? *

2. How did you rate the expertise of our staff? *

3. How do you rate the helpfulness of our staff? *

4. How do you find our progress updates? *

5. How did you find our speed in terms of resolving problems or complaints *

6. How did you find our turnaround time for repairs or calibration *

7. How do you rate the quality of our repairs? *

8. How did you find the cleanliness of your equipment on its return? *

9. How do you rate the packaging of your equipment? *

10. How did you rate the technical content of our calibration certificates? *

11. Any other comments?

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