1652 – Battery Element Tester – STS

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Test and Measurement

Increase your product quality and reliability by rigorous in-line high voltage testing of your battery element separator plates during the production process. Reduce field failures, costly recalls and dissatisfied customers by adding the 1652 Battery Element Tester to your Lead Acid Battery production line.

Hidden imperfections in your separator plates are difficult to detect using conventional means. When using traditional AC hipot testing to detect such failures, excessive heating can occur in moist cell applications resulting in possible damage of the unit under test.

The 1652 uses a unique short-duration high voltage pulse instead which maximizes stress on the dielectric material for fault detection but induces minimal energy.

Supplied with:

  • Set of High Voltage Safety Test Leads, 1.8 m / 6 ft. long
  • 1652 Operator Manual Hardcopy
  • Spare AC Input Fuses (2)
  • Certificate of Calibration
  • AC Line Cord (detachable)
Model Output Voltage Duration
400 to 3000V Pk 15 msec typ

More information…
The product described above has been discontinued. STS, however, have realeasd a more advanced battery element tester which features digital display and readbacks. To get more information on this, please click here. <https://www.caltest.co.uk/product/1656-1657BatteryElementTester.aspx>

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