GPU Series AC Power Source – Magnus Power

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GPU Series AC Power Source Key Features:

  • Integrated galvanic isolation (output as standard)
  • High fault-clearing capability – short circuit clearance
  • Designed to withstand environmental conditions (temperature, altitude, humidity)
  • Selectable Ingress Protection (up to IP54)

Energy Efficiency:

  • Up to 97% efficiency using state of the art semiconductor technology (IGBT)
  • High Efficiency and low noise
  • Power Factor Correction
  • 4 Quadrant Operation (Regenerative loads)
  • Double Conversion with Sinewave Output
Input Output Rectifier:
4 Quadrant Operation
Sizes Available
3 Phase 400V/

415V AC

3 Phase 200V/400V/415V/ AC

(50.0 Hz/60.0 Hz/400 Hz)

Efficiency: 40Hz to 400Hz 94% to 97% 30kVa – 45kVa – 60kVa – 90kVa – 120kVa
50Hz and 60Hz 1 Phase 230V/240V/ AC

(50.0 Hz/60.0 Hz/400 Hz)

Overload Capacity 120% Continuous
Input Current Harmonics Overall Efficiency 90% – 95% Overall Current Limit 120%
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